Can Children Get Yeast Infections?
If you are asking the question; Can Children Get Yeast Infections, the answer is yes. Anyone can get a yeast infection and children can get it pretty bad.

A yeast infection in children can spring up pretty fast. One moment there is nothing wrong and the next they have this bad fungus infection.

Most of the time you do not have a choice but to use OTC medicines as it is pretty bad. Afterward when they are better, it is important to try and pinpoint the exact cause of the Candida infection so you can prevent it from happening again.

You will have to look at the child’s diet, not too much sweet stuff, cut out cheese and mushrooms for a while and try and cut out all foods that contain yeast. Make sure your child eat enough vegetables to build a strong immune system.

If it is at all possible, get your child to eat as much unflavored and unsweetened yogurt as possible. Yogurt is really very effective in combating fungus infections.

With little children it is important to teach them good toilet hygiene as that is often a problem. The little ones want to be independent in the toilet and that can sometimes lead to poor toilet hygiene, no fault of yours, of course.

So, to answer your question, Can Children Get Yeast Infections, yes they can. Treat it holistically and you should not have problems again in the future. Natural Cure Yeast Infection is always the best.

6/28/2010 04:42:09 pm

Yes, of course children can get it. This really hits hard with children as they seem more vulnerable to such diseases. While hygiene is very important, I would think it far more important to build the child's immune system. I like it that you have pointed this point out and the thing about yoghurt as it does give you "good bacteria".


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