Causes Of A Vaginal Yeast Infection

What Caused My Vaginal Yeast Infection

What are the causes of a vaginal yeast infection? This question is even more important than you think, that is a fact!

I’m sure there are very few women who do not experience the discomfort of itching and burning vaginal thrush that send you up the wall. The discomfort can range from mild to severe, ask me, I know!

I used to suffer from vaginal thrush or a vaginal yeast infection almost all the time. Through my ignorance I made it worse all the time. I did not really know the Causes Of A Vaginal Yeast Infection, I made it even worse in all my efforts to get rid of it!

This is the reason for this site. I want to inform all women, young and old, about the causes of a vaginal yeast infection so that the needless suffering can stop.

The Better Know Causes Of A Vaginal Yeast Infection

The causes of a vaginal yeast infection many of us know about.

I think it is best to start with the better know Causes Of A Vaginal Yeast Infection. Those causes many of us know, but still do not do enough about! It is amazing how often we inflict a yeast or Candida infection on ourselves.

So, here are the better know causes of a vaginal yeast infection:

* A course of antibiotics for another disease (of course this cannot be helped, if had to take the antibiotics)

* The eating of lots of food that contains yeast. (This does not include yogurt as yogurt is good for a yeast infection)

* Drinking lots of drinks that contain yeast such as beer

* Synthetic underwear

* Very tight fitting clothes

* Walking around in a wet swimsuit for long periods of time

The Lesser Know Causes Of A Vaginal Yeast Infection

These are the causes of a vaginal yeast infection not everyone knows about

There are many Causes Of A Vaginal Yeast Infection many do not know about. It is like a minefield, if you start looking into this. So I thought I’ll mention a few here, the ones I think plays the biggest role.

Here are the lesser know causes of a vaginal yeast infection:

* Using colored toilet paper

* Using scented and colored soap

* Soaking in a bubble bath

* Using bath oils

* Staying in the bath for too long

* Using anti-bacterial soap

* Douche with an antibacterial douche

* Alkalinity that occurs before and after menstruation

* Sex (please do not see this as a sexually transmitted disease!)

* Raised body temperature

* Eating lots of sugary foods as it is very good food for the Candida fungus (yeast)

* Cooler than normal, such as sitting in the snow

* Poor hygiene after passing stool

* A weak immune system

* Stress

These are some of the lesser know culprits! So, as you can see, it will be best to try and cure a yeast infection holistically. You have to tackle the problem from all sides if you want permanent relief.

Now That You Know The Causes Of A Yeast Infection, How Do You Treat It?
Eliminate the causes of a yeast infection, a holistic approach

Once you know the most common causes of a yeast infection, you can start thinking about the treatment of your problem.

I think it is a good to start by noting that many of the causes are self inflicted. Very often, by simply taking a few precautions, mild yeast infections can be prevented.

Unfortunately, if you are really plagued by vaginal yeast infections you will need to take a holistic approach. This approach will include lifestyle, diet, nutritional supplements and other home remedies.

Fortunately there is a very good ebook available that will show you how to do it. It is an ebook written by Linda Allen, a nutritionist and a life coach.

She has spent many years researching yeast infections and now she has written this ebook to help those who still suffer from Candida infections.

This Yeast Infection No More System will show you how to get rid of the symptoms in as little as 12 hours and then move on to adjusting your whole lifestyle so you never have to suffer from a vaginal yeast infection again.

It is a complete holistic approach and she will show you exactly how to do it, step by step. Linda Allen’s Yeast Infection No More System is amazingly easy. You will see how you can get rid of Fungus infection for good, the healthy, natural and holistic way.

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